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Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex

An Unincorporated Association

Honorary Patrons:
Kazue Yanagida, Aisa Ijiri, George Logan (Dr Evadne Hinge), Michael Soumei Coxall

Japan Representative:
Kazue Yanagida

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Special Advisor:
Jackie Wright

Godfrey King

Web Site:
Steve Rice

Established 1996

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柳田 和江(名誉パトロン)AJSW日本代表

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AJSW Blog Archive 2008 - 2014 (discontinued)

2009 AJSW Thank You!

..and a special thank you for those who helped in 2009 in such economic difficult times for so many where the good-will and excellence of the musicians and their music made life a little lighter and happier.

In memorandum of Mikio Abé who died on Christmas Day 2008 after an all too brief friendship.

There were over 60 concerts organised as part of our expanding classical music programme including many Japanese musicians as well as those from other worlds.

Japan Airlines Supporting Sponsors 2009 (Robert Rigby – Marketing & Sales)

Donations:- Donald Scannell

Venue Regulars

St Dunstan:- Fr. William (& family), Ingrid, Melchior (‘Teas’) & the Church Administrators

Other Venues: Bristol Cathedral (Jake Olver / Mark Lee), St James, Piccadilly (Sarah Baxter), Warminster Community Radio (WCR) and Barry Mole

President:- Shakti  Hon Patrons: Dame Evelyn Glennie DBE, Prof. Tomotada Soh (Hon RAM), George Logan (Dr Evadne Hinge).

not forgetting Lord Bath now retired Patron.

Special Society Friends: Jackie & Michael Wright, Jill (St Andrew-in-the-Wardrobe), Mike Forrest, Jim & Hiroko Sherwin, Pam Baily, Elizabeth Soh & Vic Ecclestone (for rare but effective advise)

Advisors:- Gail Forrest, Keith Haines, Jackie Wright, Prof Tomotada Soh (Hon RAM)

Film – Media and Japanese Presentations:- Kinue Kato

Web Site Organiser:- Phil Ronan – Brilliant!

Sayaka & Aska Matsumoto

High Spots:- The High Sheriff of Bristol’s Charity Concert on June 12th where pianist sisters Sayaka and Aska Matsumoto played backed by a 45 piece orchestra and did their country proud and the society. No little thanks to Dr Chamber (High Sheriff), Jake Olver, Peter Stark (Conductor), Roger Huckle (Leader). Fantastic!   

Meeting legendary Marimba / Percussionist Keiko Abé and hearing her at the RAM.

Wooden Spoon:- Japanese ‘Diplomats’ / Funding Organisations generally – and representatives of the Embassy of Japan and for ignoring an invite and reminders to the High Sheriff’s Concert at Bristol Cathedral June 12th and for three Embassy of Japan Representatives visiting an Art Gallery in London to view one ‘cartoon’ painting by an Englishman from a photo taken on a Tokyo Tube.

Japanese Heroes:- The Japanese Electorate for kicking out ‘deadwood’ that shamed them.

A special thank you to all the musicians who played and sang for us in 2009. You can feel proud of yourselves you wonderful lot! (Random order):

Piano:- Brian Benedict, Masachi Nishiyama, Kanae Furomoto, Kumi Matsuo, Wakako Kamiyama, Shin-Jung Lee, Kiyoko Fukuo, Simon Callaghan, Yukino Kano, Nia Williams, Yukie Wake, Philip Howard, Jelena Makarova, Koichiro Honda, Daniel Smith, Emiko Miura, Miriam Leskis, Yukiko Shinohara, Chisato Kusunoki, Prach Boondiskulchok, Patricia Capone, Akiko Murakami, Emiko Miura, Tadashi Imai, Makiko Sada, Sayaka & Aska Matsumoto, Yuki Kumagai, Jan Karl Rautio, Wai-Yin Lee, Kio Takahashi, Akiko Kumakura.

Violin:- Haruko Motohashi, Midori Komachi, Chihiro Ono, Atsuko Kamisaku, Mari Yamamoto, Asuka & Erica Tsujimoto, Jin Matsuno, Haru Ushigusa, Sebastian Mueller, Kazue Yanagida, Jung Yoon, Ayako Yamazaki, Elizabeth McGrath,

Cello:- Daniel Davies, Diego Carneiro, Vladamir Waltham, Alison Gilles, Joas dos Santos, Angelique-lihou,

Trumpet:- James Woods-Davison, Clarinet:- Kimon Parry, Joanne Rozario (and saxophone), Saxophone:- Saxophone Quartet (Kay, Karen, Joanne, Melanie) Flute:- Kim Reilly, Simon Gilliver, Guitarist:- Yuki Osa

Sopranos:- Rebecca Martin (mezzo), Elinor Chapman, Nazan Fikret, Anna Anandarajah, Lucy Hall, Sophie Biebuyck, Alice Privett. Tenors:- Tony Yates, Octavio. Baritone:- Steven Svanholme, Pnini Grubner,

Pippa / Guqin:- Cheng Yu

Berkeley Carroll School Choir (from Brooklyn, New York) conductor: Matthew Brady and Helen David (acfea tour consultants)

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